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We enable clients with emerging technologies, analytics along with secure cloud computing to create frameworks for better customer experience and efficient operational process.


Our expertise in digitization has helped us redefine client business, with focus on transforming them to online strategic leaders, using new digitization models and multi-channel solutions.


We have extensive experience in understanding the digital landscape, enabling us to help clients deliver better customer engagement, smarter products and faster operations.


Our services are aimed at addressing the needs of the new digital age. Using the latest of technologies, we help you engineer an innovative and personalized service experiences.

Customers are online today and most of their decisions are structured through their digital experience.Cvit can help you to engage with customers, personalize experiences and build a strong market advantage.

Your consumers are talking about you, are you listening?

Digital transformation is essential for your business today, especially since the advent of smart devices among the customer base. You need to create personalized experiences for consumers across channels. Such personalization evolves from harnessing data from mobile, social media, online etc. Thereby you can understand your customers and target services or products accordingly to better your customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation

Cvit develop and deploy world-leading software and digital solutions. Also, optimize your operations through the integration of technology and data.

OneHope Application


Fingent is by far the best I have worked with. Your team is not only knowledgeable, skilled and competent, but they are conscientious, professional, patient, and dedicated to quality. This project was complex and arduous, but your team took ownership of the ideas, and worked with a passion to achieve a beautiful app.

Liam SavageOneHope
PG Alert Application

PG Alert

Fingent accomplished what the previous supplier couldn't. Assigned resources brought incredible flexibility and clear integrity to the table, allowing them to successfully scale the product for a lower cost than the failed engagement beforehand.

  • android java
  • objective c
  • google map api
  • gcm
  • APNS
Hutch McCLendon
Hutch McCLendonCEO, PGAlert
Hololens Application


I could not have been happier. Great work. The final project was far better than my original requirements as they innovated as we developed. The entire project ran on schedule and on budget. My project required multiple skillsets and Fingent brought together a strong team to get the job done. I plan to continue my relationship and will continue to work with them on future projects.

Steven King
Steven KingFounder, FilmSync
With proper application of digital services, you can identify your pain areas - be it customer service or core business processes. Application of digital services will enable you to solve your pain areas, boost productivity and profits.
We can help you implement the right set of technology and channels to roll out an efficient digital strategy. Our team of technology leads along with our marketing experts can help you to innovate and differentiate your services in a crowded marketplace. We can help you shape customer value proposition and tune your process models using digital technology. Our customized digital offering also ensures that you do this in a cost-effective manner, with the measurable return of investments.
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Industrial Focus

Digital Services

Digital Services

Being visible to your customers online is critical. Cvit can help you with search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing etc. to enable a personalized approach to your consumers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Enhancing your customer experience is the quickest way to build customer loyalty. We can help you utilize advanced technologies like Augmented Reality and ibeacons to build innovative as well as targeted user experiences for your customers.

Consumer Engagement Strategies

Consumer Engagement Strategies

An engaged customer quickens your sales cycle. Cvit’s marketing expertise coupled with its technology proficiency can help you create strategies that are effective to boost sales and efficient to capture market advantage.

Keep yourselves updated with relevant and recent trends of the industry. Connect with our experts and get the latest updates and insights on IT solutions, mobility trends that will help your business grow.

We have engaged with numerous enterprises around the world helping them solve complex business challenges using web and mobile technologies. Go through our case studies and understand how we have empowered organizations with successful solutions.